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May 28, 2019

Episode 16- Summertime Wave

Episode 16- Summertime Wave

In this weeks episode the crew does a brief review of our game against Orlando City B, preview of our game against North Texas, and our first Q&A! Time Splits 

  • OCB Review - 0:34
  • North Texas Preview- 4:40 
  • AD: for Atomic Lotus -14:38 
  • Question 1:  Is the biggest issue with Richmond a lack of a consistent striker? If not, what is? - 15:10 
  • Question 2:  Given their current age, if you could secure 3 players (besides Gallardo) for the next 5 years, but they had a guaranteed spot in the 18, regardless of how those years went - who are you investing in? - 19:51
  • Question 3: What's being done to reach out to the Black and Brown communities beyond downtown and Shockoe and the West End? - 26:57 
  • Prideraiser - 46:03 
  • Question 4:  Seems like our first touches are lacking especially on the sidelines, thoughts? - 47:05 
  • Question 5:  with USL going to 3 leagues (championship, League 1 and League 2) do you see anymore changes coming or do you see it staying the same  - 51:19 

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