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May 28, 2022

Richmond Kickers vs NCFC preview

Tonight's match up between the Richmond Kickers and NCFC should be an exciting one. Last year Richmond could not gain a win against NCFC, they lost twice and tied twice. This proved to be incredibly frustrating for the Kickers as they were in the midst of the playoff hunt all year and NCFC stayed at the bottom of the table all year long. 

Richmond struggled to finish on their attacking chances last year. The inability to finish and create quality attacking opportunities frustrated Richmond in their efforts against NCFC. This year's match up should be a great game as NCFC has improved their attack. one player that has contributed to that improved attack is Oalex Anderson, a former Richmond Kicker. Oalex Anderson provides a lot of speed for NCFC and an ability to create opportunities and beat defenders. I am hopeful for Richmond's center backs to stand him up, be physical, and shut him down in his attack. 

NCFC and Richmond are coming into this match up in similar form. NCFC has three wins, one tie, and three losses. One of those wins has come against South Georgia Tormenta who has improved a lot this season. Richmond has two wins, two ties, and two losses. The key win for Richmond was away against Charlotte Independence who currently sits at the top of the table. Last year Richmond struggled on the road, but they have already proven their ability to beat a surprisingly good, Charlotte Independence. 

Tonight, you can look for Richmond to create high quality chances from their two fast full backs, Stu Ritchie and Stephen Payne. Their ability to create from the wings is something Richmond missed last year as their right back, Ian Antley went down with an injury. Ritchie and Payne have both proven to be quite dangerous in the attack this year. You can also look for Owayne Gordon to provide speed up front and get in behind NCFC's back line to create scoring opportunities. 

I believe we will see Richmond win this game on the road 2-0. I think we'll see a break away goal from Owayne Gordon and a banger from Stephen Payne outside the box. He has taken a couple of shots from outside the box that have been quite close. I think he finally hits one tonight. 

Richmond will hopefully use tonight to be the springboard towards stringing together a few wins and going into a three game home-stand with a great sense of confidence. We need to see Richmond pick up points on the road if they want to solidify a spot for themselves in the League One playoffs.